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Gas prices soaring again

October 12, 2004

Albany - Nationwide, drivers are paying an average of two dollars, two cents a gallon for all grades. Here in Albany unleaded is running anywhere from $1.79 to $1.85 a gallon.

Driver Lou Phillips hates the gas price roller coaster. "They were going up several months ago, and then for awhile they went down, but now they're going up again it seem like," said Phillips.

Gas prices have surged about eight cents a gallon in the last two weeks - a double punch for Phillips. "I drive a lot, and I own a lawn care business where it really hurts me bad when the gas prices go up."

Record high crude oil prices are the main reason for the skyrocketing fuel prices. Even the presidential candidates are pumping out the blame for the high cost. Speaking to a rally, John Kerry said President Bush hasn't done enough to convince OPEC nations to increase supply and lower oil prices.

"His energy policy has failed, it's non existent, well i can't say it's non existent, it's an oil policy," said Senator Kerry. "What we need is a policy for all Americans because middle class families pay the price every single time the fill up the gas tank."

Kerry is calling for more funding to develop alternative fuels. The Bush campaign called Kerry's plans "hypocritical" saying he opposed the President's energy proposals in the Senate.

The recent line of hurricanes also damaged petroleum facilities in the Gulf of Mexico leading to the higher gas prices. As repairs are made, gas prices are expected to drop. But, drivers be patient because that could take a while.

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