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Rain causes muddy mess in Lowndes

October 10, 2004

Lowndes County - The county has only gotten about an inch of rain since Saturday, but add that to the eight inches Jeanne left behind and you've got a problem.

Public works crews still haven't had time to repair a lot of the damage, and now the additional rain is making things worse.

Part of Beaty Road has vanished. "There are several feet of the road gone, it extends past 12 to 14 feet," said Paige Dukes.

It looks like some sort of explosion has blown the road away. But you can chalk this one up to Tropical Storm Jeanne. "Our ground was already so saturated and there was no where for that water to go so it took the road out," said Dukes.

It's the same story all over the county. Huge blocks of the road have been washed away, like here on Johnson Road where several massive drainage pipes are exposed. Just a few miles away on Dodd Road where Willie Flowers lives, it looks the same. "We have two sewer pipes visible and you have to go only two to three miles per hour to get across there," said Flowers.

Buses still can't travel down the road and for people living here, driving is an extremely tedious task. Flowers is hoping this will be the next stop on public works' list, but the rain we've seen over the past couple of days is causing more delays. "We can't do any serious work until these water levels recede and right now, the water's still running," said Dukes.

Once the level lowers and crews can get it to survey the damage, the recovery process will be long and slow. "Its not just as simple as going in and filling in a washout, then grating the road," said Dukes. "There's pipes to be restored here as well as drainage ditches."

So Flowers will bear the inconvenience for now, and hope the sunshine will clear the way for public works crews to do their job.

Tropical Storm Jeanne caused about two million dollars in damages to Lowndes County. The county has applied for federal aid.

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