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Phoebe drops Factoid suit

October 11, 2004

Albany-- Charles Rehberg will no longer have to defend claims that he defamed Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.  Just a week after Charles Rehberg's attorney filed a motion to dismiss the libel case against his client, Phoebe does it for him and drops the suit against Rehberg.

In a press conference this afternoon, Phoebe announced that it was dismissing the defamation suit against Rehberg. The hospital claims that a series of faxes called Phoebe factiods sent out by Rehberg and Dr. John Bagnato contained false information.

"We had no idea as to how these things were being prepared or who was behind it. Now we know and we can move on, and I will tell you on behalf of the people that I'm in touch with in this community I think it is the right thing to do," says Chairman of the Phoebe Health System board Lemuel Griffin.

Rehberg and his attorney Robert Mulholland say Phoebe had no choice but to drop their lawsuit. Mulholland says Phoebe's lawsuit should have legally been dismissed because the hospital did not verify the complaint by the ten day deadline.

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