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Prepare for winter bills

October 11, 2004

Albany-- Drained by those high summertime power bills? This cooler weather will bring some much needed relief--but only for a little while. 

Starting October 1st, Water, Gas and Light dropped its energy prices for winter by one percent. 

Still, as we head into winter--and face higher natural gas prices--a few adjustments can save us hundreds of dollars.

High bills this summer? Consumer Lisha Drisaw says, "Extremely high for someone who does not use a lot of energy."

It is not the cost of utilities that has gone up at Water, Gas and Light. It is usage that is sky-rocketing. Spokesperson Lorie Farkas says, "Historically August and September's bills are the highest bills of the year, because August and September are our two hottest months."

The good news: Your next bill should be less as temperatures even out for a few months, making now a good time to prepare for upcoming winter energy bills, "If you don't use it you don't pay for it.  There are lots of ways, conservation methods, so you can bring your bill down."

One tried and true method to save money this winter? Set your thermostat at 68 degrees, "I know that is cold for a lot of people but for every piece of clothing you put on your body it raises your body temperature 5 degrees."

Another tip: Clean your air filter every month.  Also, "The other thing we recommend before the first cold snap, which will come soon, is to have your heater serviced."

Good conservation methods, like turning off your water heater when you aren't using it, can shave 20 to 40 percent off your bill.

You can contact your energy company to get free energy inspections to find more ways to lower your utility bills.

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