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Longtime Mitchell sheriff faces challenge

October 11, 2004

Camilla-- In less than a month, you will hit the election polling place to cast your vote. But, how much do you know about the candidates. Here is a closer look at the Mitchell County Sheriff's race.

Sheriff W. E. Bozeman want's to keep walking the halls of the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office. " I've got a 12 year proven record, we've got good employees at the sheriff's office, it's running smooth."

Vernon Nobles is running against the veteran. Nobles is Camilla Police Department's Chief Investigator. "This is the first time I've ever run for any political office."

Bozeman has been through a lot during his 12 years in office. "We've had our share of violent crimes and four national disasters."

But Nobles has been through the same disasters. "I just enjoy being with the youth of our county." A 15 year Camilla Police veteran who wants changes. "Work to cut the budget from what it is now and be more involved in the youth of this county, such as I have for 10 years."

Sheriff Bozeman says his challenge will be growth. "We're working on economic development a lot that I think is going to bring in things into Mithell County."

Both are looking out for the best for Mitchell County. "We're building a decent sheriff's office and it's not just where I want to leave it, just yet, we've got more plans to do," said Bozeman.

"I think the citizens of this county deserve better than what they're getting now and I think I'm the person for that job," said Nobles.

Bozeman is on the Democratic ticket, and Nobles is a Republican.

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