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Man invents generator that doesn't use gas

October 8, 2004

Coolidge - At first glance, Wild Bill Willeby's world seems to be filled with nothing but junk, but take a closer look. "Most of it is kind of put together with spare parts and everything," says Willeby of an invention, "This came off of a cotton picker, and this off of a lawn mower."

He's turned these spare parts, these pieces of junk, into a mountain of gold. "First you start off with a battery, and your battery is channeled to this unusual starter here, to get it in motion, and whenever you get it in motion."

It's a generator that runs off a battery instead of gas. "You're putting just as much energy, power back into your battery as your taking out to run the machine," says Willeby.

It's as if a light bulb turned on in Wild Bill's head, but it took a few tries to get it right. He says, "The 101st time I put it together and rearranged it (snap) the baby went to work."

Now, he can get just about anything to work, just by plugging it in. A few weeks ago, when everyone else's power went out, he says he, "Picked up that [generator], put it on the front porch and start running cords and we had electricity. The soap operas keep rolling and we had lights."

And he says one day, generators like these, could be used all of the time, not just for back up. Wild Bill Willeby has applied for a patent, but is still looking for a manufacturer. He's been approached by many energy co-ops and even FEMA is interested in his invention.

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