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Flu shots depleting

October 8, 2004

Leesburg-- Flu shots are running low at several area health departments. It's likely that a few counties will be out of the sought-after vaccination by the end of the day.

People packed health department waiting rooms, many sitting around for hours to get a flu shot.

There's not many parking spaces outside the Lee County Health Department. Inside, not many places to sit either as people wait for a flu shot, "We came out at about 8 this morning, it was worse then then it is now, my husband had a doctors appointment at 10 so we didn't stay so we had to come back again," says Wynell O'Haire.

Both the old and the young waited two hours and more to get just one of the less than 400 flu shots left in Lee County, but some say they weren't worried about getting a shot today, "No, I wasn't worried, not yet."

But, other people say they were worried, like the O'Haire family, who question the politics behind this year's flu shortage, "Why is the United States depending on flu shots from England?," says Royce O'Haire.

But, every person in this waiting room does understand the importance of getting the flu shot and most say the long lines don't bother them. Wynell O'Haire says, "No, I think it is worth the wait." Her husband Royce thinks differently, "Two hours is too long."

Two hours is a long time to wait, but the end result could be a life-saver.

As of 8 a.m. Friday, Dougherty County had 1,700 flu shots, Lee County had 390, and Terrell County just 72 shots.

The Health Department doesn't know if they will be getting any more flu shots this season.

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