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Student march on the capital

October 7, 2004

Albany-- College students from across Georgia are planning to rally at the capital Friday, upset over proposed budget cuts and tuition hikes.

It will be an early morning for students from Southwest Georgia schools who are planning to attend the march and deliver a message to the governor.

Student Government President of Georgia Southwestern State University, Nicholas Walker, says, "Once we got word of it, we knew we had to take action, and something had to be done."

These young students are more concerned with budget cuts then with their math tests right now. Walker says, "We have faced around $400 million dollars in budget cuts, and we knew sometimes the line has to be drawn, and that we have taken too many budget cuts, and so at this point we decided a petition was the thing to do and using our first amendment right."

These student leaders, from GSW, Darton College, and Albany State are getting some last-minute signatures on a petition they plan to hand deliver.

Albany State's SGA President Cassandra Miller says, "We are taking a bus load of students Friday. We will be marching from Georgia State to the capital to present these petitions to Governor Perdue to show him just how serious we are about this issue."

It's a serious issue. Another 68 million dollars in budget cuts for already cash-strapped schools. But, these students say it is not just about them, as Miller says, "Do you know how that will effect Albany, Georgia, to lose professors at Albany State? All of this is a trickle-down effect, one thing effects the other."

So these kids are trying to affect change, hoping their voices will not be ignored.

More than 1,000 college students from every university system school are expected to attend the march. It's anticipated about 100,000 signatures will be on the petitions.

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