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Emergency crews react to crash simulation

October 7, 2004

Albany-- The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport simulated a plane crash Thursday morning, and Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services all responded as if it were real.

Twenty bloody "bodies" were scattered around an airplane shell to be as realistic as possible. Paramedic Tammy Atkinson said, "What they could really be looking at when they come on to the scene of an injury like this."

The airport fire trucks respond first, spraying water onto cans, simulating foam that would be used on a real crash. Albany Fire Department units arrive to back them up, and start to help the victims. "Hey, I got a red over here too," shouted one paramedic.

Paramedics decide which victims can be helped, and which are already dead. Victims are carried to the ambulance, and rushed to the hospital. "We gotta a stretcher out here for you, it's coming right now," one EMT assured a "victim."

The victims are divided into groups of mild or badly injured, and a morgue set up for the dead. The fire is out and the black box is recovered.

E.M.S. Supervisor Allen McClure said, "We sit out and talk about what we should have done, and what we should do the next time."

And this is going to make people who fly airplanes feel better? "Yea it should, because we are out here doing our job. If anything goes wrong we're here to respond to it," said Airport Safety Chief Bernard Ford.

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