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Albany man dead after encounter with police

October 7, 2004

Albany-- Around nine Wednesday night, the man, who was wanted on child molestation charges, was cornered by Albany police. He had a gun and fired a shot, so police returned fire. Police say he killed himself.

Albany police were tipped off Wednesday evening that 66-year-old Ross Reah had returned to his home on Pearl Avenue.

"Three weeks ago Rhea escaped from house arrest after forcibly removing his leg monitor," says Albany Police spokesperson Lt.Kenn Singleton.

A neighbor who spotted Rhea Wednesday says that Rhea told him that he wasn't going to jail and that he had a gun. The neighbor says he called police and when the two officers arrived they spotted Rhea hiding in some bushes by his home.

"Sergeant Moored shined his flashlight in the direction of the noise he identified himself as a police officer and gave a verbal command for person to show their hands," says Singleton.

That's when Albany Police say Rhea shot himself in the head. Officers heard the shot and opened fire on Rhea. He was hit by at last two bullets, police say, in the leg. But now police believe before the officers fired shots  Rhea had already killed himself ,however, they won't be sure until the GBI autopsy is complete.

The GBI will determine how many times Rhea was shot and which bullet was fatal. The two officers involved, Joe Moored and Herbert Denton, are on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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