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Stolen classic car found 22 years later

October 7, 2004

Albany - We've all heard heartwarming stories about class rings being found years down the road, but this time it isn't a ring, it's a classic car.

Mary Cooper's 1967 red Mustang convertible was stolen 22 years ago in Albany.

On Monday, Tampa Police detectives called to tell Mary they found the car. An honest Alabama man who was restoring the classic noticed the parts VIN numbers didn't match the number he had. He then told detectives.

Mary's husband, Frank Cooper, owned the car, but passed away last year. She smiles, "My son said, 'You know mom, dad worried about that car, he's put himself in a position so he could look down and find that car, didn't he?'" I said, "Yep, that's what he did."

The Mustang was stolen in 1982 from Deerfield Windsor School.

The car, which is in parts, can be returned to the Coopers, but they haven't decided what to do yet.

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