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Bainbridge's past is preserved

October 7, 2004

Bainbridge--  You can see living history in Bainbridge on the city's Heritage Tour. Bainbridge is lucky to have dozens of preserved historic homes and buildings. You can see many of them on a walking tour around downtown.

One highlight is the Erlich-Immendorf house. About eight years ago, Robert and Pam Immendorf were ready to retire and move from San Francisco. They looked for a vintage home in the southeast and fell in love with this one.

Pam said, "It was different than any home we've ever owned before, and it was beautifully restored. The people who owned it before had done a marvelous job. There was not a great deal more to do, and we liked the town of Bainbridge."

This home was built in 1898, but some parts such as doors and mantles were saved from an even older home that burned. This house was the first in Bainbridge that had electricity and a telephone.

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