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Decatur County's history connected to water

October 7, 2004

Bainbridge--  The history of Decatur County is closely tied to water. The early Seminole Indians thrived on the bluffs along the Flint River centuries ago. The county is named for a naval hero from the War of 1812, Commodore Stephen Decatur.

The present site of Bainbridge was an Indian Village in the 1700s. Late in that century, it became known as Burgess Town after James Burgess who set up a trading post. Later, it was a federal outpost called Fort Hughes. The city of Bainbridge was incorporated in 1829, named for the commander of "Old Ironsides" in The War of 1812, Commodore William Bainbridge.

Today, agriculture is a vital industry that has a huge impact on Decatur County's economy. And Bainbridge is home to Bainbridge College, a two-year unit of the University System with about 2,500 students and one of the fastest growing schools in the state.

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