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A Rabies warning in Crisp County

October 6, 2004

Crisp County- April Atkins picks the garbage up around her house because she doesn't want anymore unwelcome visitors.  Atkins says "I walked out onto the carport and there he was." She had never seen a raccoon before.

Atkins knew something was wrong. "He would stand up and all of a sudden just like somebody would pass out, he just fell. He'd just lay there very limp," she explained. Jennifer Butterworth, with the Crisp County Sheriff's Department Animal Services office explains "A wild animal like that, If you can get anywhere near it there's something wrong with it."

The raccoon tested positive for rabies. Atkins said "We've been worried ever since." She's Worried for her four outside cats. She's especially concerned about her Cat Checkers. Atkins explained "We can't catch and vaccinate him so we're worried about him, so I don't know if we should have him shot too cause we don't know."

What Atkins does know is that the cat food left outside her house is what brought the raccoon right to her doorstep. Butterworth says "We're trying to get people to create an environment that's not a pleasant one for wild animals," and that includes removing any trash that surrounds your home.

All of these efforts can keep rabid animals from finding their way to your house, your family and your pets.

It is state law that your pets must be vaccinated against rabies.

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