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Firefighters warn of burglar bar danger

October 6, 2004

Albany -- Preventing fires is just as important to firefighters as putting out blazes. On national fire prevention week, they want you to not underestimate the risk of fire.

In 2003 almost four thousand people died in fires, most of them in their own homes. Chief James Carswell of the Albany Fire Department said "Most people think fires happen to other people. They do not discriminate. They can happen to anyone any time, and if you are not prepared it could cost you your life."

Firefighters want people who have security bars on their windows and doors to think about what they will do if their house catches fire. Chief Carswell said "If your exit doors are blocked, or you don't have the key to get out, unfortunately you don't have any other options. So you need to pre-plan that."

 This National Fire Prevention week, check your smoke detector and practice an escape plan. Georgia Safety Fire Commissioner John Oxendine said "Do a fire drill at home. If you have kids, I do it at night when the kids are asleep. And make them wake up in a dark house and learn to evacuate."

Oxendine says he wants you to get a smoke detector so badly, if you can't afford one, contact his office and he will give you one free. He'll even get you help installing it if you can't.

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