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East Albany clean-up moves quickly, lots of work left in west

October 5, 2004

Albany- Robert Jenkins doesn't get paid for every scoop of leaves he moves out of the road, but there are perks to the job.

"We don't get a lot of overtime, so it kind of helps out through the years," Jenkins said.

Public works crews are putting in extra hours to clean up east Albany. And this has become regular business with the recent rash of storms. Since Thursday, they've collected more than 600 tons of debris.

"That's pretty close to our monthly total, the amount we pick up with normal storm debris," said Phil Roberson, director of Public Works.

That doesn't include debris from West Albany because the piles are still there.

Trans Waste is contracted for the work in this part of the city. A Trans Waste official says they're meeting with the city Wednesday to work out a plan to pick up the pace. Trans Waste told us today they are working on their same schedule, but they're picking up double the normal amount of debris which is slowing down the process.

"And we'll find out if their plan is acceptable to us and we'll take whatever action necessary to live up to their contract obligations," Roberson said.

Obligations that mean West Albany should be clean as quickly as Robert and the rest of the crews are putting away debris people are piling up.

"They helping us out," Jenkins said. "They putting it on the side of the roads. We just come through there and pick it up. It makes it a little easier for us."

A little easier for them at a time when they're putting in a lot of extra work.

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