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S. Georgians sound off on outcome of VP debate

October 5, 2004

Albany- More than 62 million viewers tuned in to the presidential debate between Kerry and Bush last Thursday.

But, some democrats don't think voters will be paying that much attention to Tuesday's debate between John Edwards and vice president Dick Cheney.

On the other hand, Republicans say it's a chance for Americans to see that Edwards isn't the right choice for a vice-president.

"He will come off as very smooth, but I think the American voter is intelligent enough to see no matter what John Edwards says he cannot change what he is," says Republican Liz Klemann.

"I don't know if there's a lot of interest in a vice-presidential debate. The junkies, the political junkies will be all over it," says Democrat Roger Marietta.

Remember you can see the vice-presidential debate on WALB Tuesday at 9 PM.

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