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Murder/suicide in Colquitt County

October 5, 2004

Moultrie-- A man shot and killed the mother of his children, and then shot himself. Now two families are mourning.

Half a dozen young children no longer have their mother or father. "She was a loving mother, she loved her children," said the Victim's Mother, Linda Moore. Their 28-year-old mother, Melissa Moore was found dead on the floor board of this van. It was parked at the Magnolia Sports Complex in Moultrie.

"When I found out about it, I started shaking all over," said Moore. "I didn't want to believe it was my daughter."

Her daughter's killer was not a stranger, it was Melissa's common law husband and father of five of her six children. "They doing all right, right now. Last night they took it real hard," said the grandmother.

The kids also found out that their father, 29-year-old Carlos Scott, who has been arrested and convicted for drugs, used the same gun to kill himself. He was found reclining in the van. "It doesn't surprise me at all because of they've been having problems," said Scott's Cousin LaKeisha Johnson. "But they always seem to get back together, I never thought it could get this bad."

They moved to Jacksonville, Florida, but Scott recently moved back to Moultrie. "She had started over and she said she was back in church. She said don't worry about me because I'm in church, I'm all right and I love you and I told her I loved her too," Moore said.

The children will live with relatives, some too young to understand what happened to their parents. Melissa Moore moved to Jacksonville, Florida and was trying to open a daycare business.

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