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Traffic lights knocked out

October 5, 2004

Thomasville - Around 12:20 PM Tuesday, the power to downtown Thomasville was knocked out, including power to the traffic signals, and people just didn't know what to do.

Most people didn't even bother to slow down as they approached the signal less intersections. There were several close calls as some drivers continued through the lights without stopping or even looking to see if anyone was coming from the opposite direction.

When restaurant Owner Ben Golden came out to see what was going on, he noticed the driving hysteria. He says, "I think one thing people learn is that when a signal goes out, the intersection becomes a four way stop, not just drive until somebody slams on brakes."

Traffic laws state that when you come to an intersection where the signals are out, you are to treat it as a four way stop. That means, whoever gets to the intersection first, goes first. If two cars approach at the same time, however, the person to your right has the right of way. But be careful, because not everyone always pays attention.

The electricity was only out for about 20 minutes. The culprit? A limb that fell on a power line.

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