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Fair takes a walk on the wild side

October 5, 2004

Thomasville - Animal Trainer Julius von Uhl says, "There's not that many trained elephants around the world. And she's an African elephant. She'll play basketball and play the harmonica."

Twiggy, is just one of the wild animals you can see this week at the Deep South Fair in Thomasville. He says, "You can see performing goats, and performing pony. It's something you have to go to Ringling Brothers and big shows to see."

But the animals have come here, and Joycelyn Jackson says they've arrived at just the right time, because this week is fall break. Jackson says, "It's working out better, because I know a lot of parents wouldn't like their kids going out during the school night, so it works out a lot better."

And although the rides and games look like fun, she says, "The animals are really nice. I think that's going to be a great new thing to come into town."

von Uhl says, "They'll see performing animals they can't see everyday and they have the greatest carnival I think has ever come to this town."

And whether or not it's the greatest, is up to you to decide. The gates open Friday at 6 PM at the exchange club fairgrounds. In addition to the animals you've already seen, a liger, a rare tiger/lion mix will be at the show as well.

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