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Arlington files suit for grant money, center

October 4, 2004

Arlington- Instead of hitting the courts after school, Boys and Girls Club members in Arlington rack the ball and break.

A few games of pool give them the chance to burn after school energy, because there's not room for much else.

"If we had more space we could get more kids in and could have more students off the streets instead of out there doing other things," said club director Nasha Boyd.

A $500,000 multipurpose center will give this club a new home that includes a gymnasium and a chance to bring in more members. But that almost didn't happen when the Calhoun County Commission turned the grant down, in an effort to trim their budget and avoid a major tax increase.

"We had pledged $10,000 out of county funds to match what the grant requested," said Mike Stuart, Calhoun County Commission Chairman.

That was money they needed to use somewhere else. But wanting more room for Lincoln Logs, the city of Arlington filed suit against the county.

"And there was no doubt that the citizens of Arlington and ever member of the city council wanted this project and are anxious for it to be completed and anxious to work in a harmonious way with the county," said Tommy Coleman, Arlington city attorney.

"We went back and requested the grant again, so that's where it's at and it should be in the city of Arlington's hands soon," Stuart said.

So for now, they'll keep playing Go Fish until the grant has been awarded and the suit dropped.

But regardless how fancy the facilities are, this club still makes a difference each day.

"With the club here, the students are able to be somewhere that the parents always know where they are and it's a positive place to be," Boyd said.

And it makes a positive impact whether the kids are on a court or around a pool table.

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