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Miracle boy recovers after head wound

October 4, 2004

Baker County-- Six months ago, a little boy named Cameron Henderson found a gun. He pulled the trigger, shot himself in the head, and ended up in critical condition for a month.

He not only survived, but he's doing well.

Cameron Henderson acts like a normal, energetic year-old, except for one thing. "A bullet came right here, it was hurt," he says." I shot myself with my dad's gun."

The 25 caliber bullet went between his eye and eyebrow, and went out the back of his head. He was playing outside his Baker County home. "We heard a loud noise go off," said his mother, Leshia Henderson.

The gun was hidden in his dad's pick-up truck. Cameron tells us he doesn't know why he pulled the trigger, but he does know how he felt afterward" "Dead."

Six months later and the little boy is very much alive. He has some trouble speaking at times, but, he never gets frustrated when people can't understand him. "He will shake his head and start laughing at us and he gets so tickled at us and he'll keep repeating it until we finally make it out," says his teacher Celeice Burch.

The miracle boy has left side motor skill problems. "He's a fighter, he's a tough one, he sure is, said Leshia Henderson

The young gunshot survivor acts just like the rest of his Baker County Elementary classmates. Today he feels "Good."

During the morning lesson, students kiss their brain for all its hard work, something that this little survivor doesn't take for granted.

Cameron Henderson goes to therapy twice a week. He has a personal teacher's assistant to help him at school everyday.

Since the shooting the family has removed all their guns from their home.

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