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Hurricanes hurt Red Cross budgets

October 4, 2004

Tifton- The Costal Plain American Red Cross serves seven South Georgia Counties, all of which had to open shelters for both Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

They're trying to raise $10,000 for national hurricane relief, but none of that gets earmarked for damage in Tift County or relief they provide on a daily basis.

"This summer I think we had seven families affected directly by fires and they all basically had to be started from scratch. They had to have clothes, they had to have some cooking utensils. In some cases they had to be out up in local motels. It's a year-round expense, but that's what the American Red Cross is for, to provide those services on a moments notice," says David Haire.

Red Cross officials say if you make a donation and want it to stay in the local area you have to write either "local Red Cross" or the name of the chapter on the check. If you give cash, make sure to let the cashier know where you want the money to go.

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