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Family gets extreme home makeover

October 4, 2004

Hahira - You may have seen the show "Extreme Home Makeover" where a team of volunteers completely transforms a family's home while they're away on vacation. One very deserving South Georgia family is getting their own extreme makeover this week.

Volunteers with the Carpenter's Helpers are giving new meaning to remodeling. "We wanted to do something huge and drastic," said Cindy Bardes.

And that they did. In less than two weeks, they're taking the Ferrier family's home in Hahira from barely livable to something they can be proud of. "We're giving them new carpet, new tile, two kids will still be sharing a room but its twice as big as it was," said Bardes. "Before they had no air conditioning, their electrical system was shot, they needed a new roof."

The whole idea started with NSpire Magazine owner, Cindy Bardes. She wanted her first magazine issue to truly reflect its title. "We raised over $53,000.00 in donations," said Bardes.

Until now, the father and his four children have been crammed in this 800 square foot home with only three bedrooms and one bath. By Friday, they'll have a 300 square foot addition, and every single room will be filled with brand new furnishings. "When we look at this and see the quality of life its going to provide for this family, its going to be incredible," said Mayor Myron Crowe.

But they still need monetary and labor donations to meet their deadline. The group will be working every day from 7:00 a.m. until midnight at 202 Railroad Street. "We especially need people with carpentry skills, people who can lay tile and carpet, and we still need someone to put in cabinets," said Bardes.

The family was sent away on vacation and can't see any of the progress until its completely finished. They have no idea what they'll be coming home to, but they can be sure it will change their lives forever.

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