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Saturday marks historic theater debut

October 4, 2004

Albany-- The first large format theater in South Georgia with 3-D capability, opens this Saturday at the Flint Riverquarium.

The star of the first movie opening the new theater was in Albany Monday. Nancy Aulenbach climbed and then rappelled the Flint Riverquarium Imagination Theater, to show her skills as a caver.

A native of Newnan, Aulenbach is one of the stars of the film "Journey into Amazing Caves" that will be shown at the theater's opening. "As you can tell I'm not an actress. I am a cave explorer," Aulenbach said.

Then a second grade teacher's aide, Aulenbach was picked from thousands of cavers to star in this movie, that took five years to make. Going into some of the deepest caves in Arizona, Mexico, and ice caves in Greenland.

The huge screen makes it a spectacular thrill ride. "I think it's a wonderful inspiration that convinces women and young girls that they can achieve or do anything. That math, science, and getting dirty is O.K." said Aulenbach.

The cave footage is best seen on the screen three stories tall and four stories wide. Imagination Theater Manager Guy Ray said, "The sound system is 14,000 watts, so it gives you the feeling of an immersion, like you are in the movie yourself."

Aulenbach and her film "Journey into Amazing Caves" opens up the Flint Riverquarium Imagination Theater Saturday. It will be open seven days a week with at least four showings per day.

Tickets are eight dollars for adults at the Imagination Theater. Children's tickets are six dollars each.

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