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Perdue ask students for help

October 3, 2004

Atlanta--Governor Sonny Perdue is challenging college students to help tackle the university system's budget problems.

Governor Perdue met with a group of college students Saturday to discuss the rising cost of tuition and budget cuts made this year at public colleges and universities.

He blamed the Board of Regents for the ten percent tuition hike proposal. Some of the 31 college students say Perdue's budget cuts are at the root of the problem.

One college students we talked to today said corporate funds may be the solution

"Different businesses I know help pay for higher education if they want you to work for their company," says ASU student Paris Straughter.

Perdue says that he opposes tuition increases and thinks the university system can absorb the budget cuts through trimming fat and becoming more efficient. The Board of Regents are scheduled to discuss the tuition increase next week.

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