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Pro-lifers demonstrate in Albany

October 3, 2004

Albany -- Sunday dozens of pro-life supporters formed what they call a "Life Chain".

The demonstrators lined up alongside Ledo Road in Albany to protest abortion.

With signs in hand, under a hot sun, Christian demonstrators lined a stretch of LeDo Road to form a Life Chain. They made a silent plea to end abortion.

"The goal of the chain is two fold; that abortion is not just killing a blob of tissue it's killing a child and the other message is that Jesus forgives and heals," says organizer Debby Sapp.

This life chain is only one of more than 1,000 chains formed around the country Sunday as apart of the annual National Life Chain Sunday --a national protest of abortion.

For pro-life demonstrator Alan Knight, the reasons for being here are clear.

"It's shame when people say it's a woman's choice to kill, yet we don't have the right to kill. People think women should have that right to kill their children," says Knight.

The life chain brought mixed reaction from people driving by. "When I read the signs, the first thing I said was that it’s not a "Yes or No" "Black or White" situation. It all depends on the person. Everything does not work for everybody," exclaims Marion Miller who noticed demonstrators while driving past in her car.

These demonstrates say they may not have all the answered, but are convicted by their beliefs to speak out.

"Some of the same children that were not aborted because of life chains are standing in life chains to try to save other children lives," says Sapp.

And these links say stopping abortions makes their life chain stronger. This is the fourth time a life chain rally held in Albany in the last 30 years.

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