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Grillers face off to claim barbecue title

October 02,2004

Vienna --Well if you like good barbecue, Vienna is the place to be .

The town's annual Big Pig Jig festival challenges chefs to grill the perfect pig and draws even more hungry visitors to taste those barbecue creations.

After a three year losing streak, the Pit Masters from Douglasville are hoping this year their barbecue will take top prize at the Big Pig Jig.

"We are hoping this year will be our year," says Tommy Thomason.

But, the Pit Masters are competing against more than 130 teams. And, every team has its own secret to cooking the perfect pig.

"We use natural wood charcoal to deliver a clear smoke flavor," says one griller from the Smokey Bones resturant grill team.

"You need to use a lot of juices, fruit juices and a lot of spices," says Billy Satterfield.

"It's a secret family recipe and if I told you, I would have to kill you," says Benny Daniels.

And these barbecuers aren't just cooking for the sheer love of it, they are competing for top prize the title of grand champion of the Big Pig Jig and those all important bragging rights.

Presentation is everything and these teams know it. Judges are grading them on everything from cleanness to the "fall off the bone" tenderness of the meat.

"We actually go to school to a seminar so that we are certified to judge," says Todd Whitaker.

For team Pit Master, after giving the judges their best show and taste, all they can do now is wait and hope.

"He said it was the best he had today. So, that's good news," says one team member

Good news for a team hoping to become the next kings of the barbecue.

The top prize winner at this year's competition will walk away with more than $2,000 in prize money.

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