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Firefighters to check hydrants

October 1, 2004

Albany -- The Albany Fire Department will begin their annual hydrant check this weekend. Firefighters will check all five thousand fire hydrants in Dougherty County, but they want to warn you that it could cause a problem.

 Every year, firefighters make sure hydrants work properly. But turning on the hydrants could stir up sand in the water pipes. Chief James Carswell said, "When we start flowing hydrants sometimes it will actually dislodge that sediment, and if you are flowing water it will bring it into your house."

That sediment could be unsightly, and make a mess if it gets into automatic washers. There is an easy solution if you see firefighters in your neighborhood checking hydrants. Carswell said "Go outside and turn an outside spicket to flow water and make sure you get any of that sediment released onto the ground, so that it doesn't go into your clothes washing or your dishes."

Firefighters check the hydrants to make sure they work, and look for defects. This first test found this hydrant has a leak in the crown.

Firefighters will report all defects they find to the Water Department, which will repair them.

All five thousand hydrants in the county will be tested. Firefighters will start this weekend, and plan to finish this month.

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