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Albany Police begin house cleaning

October 1, 2004

Albany -- The ax is falling in the Albany Police Department. All those officers the Police Chief shouldn't have hired, are now being fired.

Former Albany Police Chief Bobby Johnson hired at least a dozen people who didn't even qualify to be police officers. They were people who should never have been hired under the city's hiring policy.

Now, not only is the chief gone, those officers he hired aren't far behind. At least five of them are in the process of being fired this week and more firings are coming.

Interim Police Chief Bob Boren refused to discuss the firing. He is expected to make a statement next week.

One of the officers is David Sanchez, arrested for a romantic relationship with a 16 year old girl. And Sanchez is just one of many people Bobby Johnson put on the force who apparently never should have been hired.

An investigation revealed Johnson routinely ignored a hiring board's recommendations against hiring certain applicants and gave them jobs anyway.

By the time it's over, as many as 14 officers the chief hired could lose their jobs.

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