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South Georgians tune in for TV debates

September 30, 2004

Albany- Many South Georgians listened closely to the candidates Thursday night.

The Young Democrats at Darton watched the debates together from the Student Union. The students say the debates will give them a better idea of what each candidate is really like.

"It really gives the opportunity for people to see the true side of each candidate and see how they really feel on each subject," said Jason Therrien, a freshman at Darton.

And their answers may help undecided voters decide.

"It will give the people a better feel for the person, the individual person," said LaDie Mansfield, a sophomore at Darton. "That has a lot to do with who you vote for in any election."

But most of the democrats were pleased with how Kerry held up against Bush.

"One word and that's intelligence, something that Bush lacks And when you have a president, it's ok to have the go, fight win speech, but when you don't have any basis behind it, then it's wrong," Therrien said.

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