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Young voters look forward to debates

September 29. 2004

Albany -- President Bush and Senator Kerry will face off in their first debate Thursday  night. Many undecided voters will be listening closely to what the candidates have to say. Among them will be the newest generation voters looking for candidates to speak directly to their needs.

For 22 year old ASU student Nikki Crew, after losing her opportunity to vote in the last presidential election she's looking forward to the debates and hopes to clear up some unfinished business.

"Like most students here I got my absentee ballot the day of the election so we were not able to vote and no one really addressed that issue," says Crew.

Crew plans to go on to graduate school says she'll be listening for the candidates to address specific plans about issues that matter to her the most, like the rising cost of education.

"No one is talking about the increase in public tuition and that's where the increase is," says Crew.

ASU political science professor Dr.Babafemi Elufiede says for young voters the focus is clear.

"They don't really care about who becomes president what they care about is living well on their own and they will not just vote against Bush because he's Bush they will vote on the issues and what they think will concern them," says Eludiede.

So for many young voters watching the first of the three presidential debates, the War on Terror and the candidates' records during the Vietnam war may take a back seat to more pressing domestic issues.

"Where the candidates stand on abortion and homosexuality really means a lot to me. I think that it's important for candidate to stand up for God," says Darton student Miranda Mathis.

"Coming out into the work force having a job opportunity out there for myself," says ASU Senior student Preston Benefield.

And whatever catches their ear this year may make all the difference for who will being sitting in White House this time next year.

The debate will air Thursday night starting at 9:00PM  on WALB.

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