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H.E.A.T. Patrol Car targets aggressive drivers

September 29, 2004

Albany -- It's a new approach to road rage. A new Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic unit now patrols the streets of Albany.

 The Governor Office of Highway Safety gave Albany Police a one hundred and eleven thousand dollar grant to put the new look patrol car on the streets. It's only mission is to save lives, stopping drivers that could cause crashes.

The Albany Police H.E.A.T. unit is a hot car, looking for speeders or aggressive drivers. Patrolman Aaron Simpson drives the H.E.A.T. car. On his first day he pulls over a car on Palmyra Road. "The reason why I stopped you, I clocked your speed on radar at 51 in a 35 mile per hour speed zone. That is 16 miles per hour over the posted speed limit."

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety says the three major causes of death in car crashes are alcohol, speed, and not using seat belts. Officer Aaron Simpson said "We had an unusually high number of fatalities as well as pedestrian fatalities in the city last year. That inspired the city for this grant."

Now the State is paying for the dark blue 2005 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor and Officer Simpson to slow down speeders. Simpson said "Georgia officers clocked violator speeds at some of the highest illegal speeds in the country."

H.E.A.T. also targets tailgaters, drivers changing lanes weaving through traffic, and Drinking and Driving. 

 The H.E.A.T. program also being used in Atlanta and Forsyth. Savannah will also receive a H.E.A.T. program grant soon.

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