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Battle of the Bug: How to keep them away?

September 29, 2004

Albany-- The Pest Control business is booming in South Georgia after all of the rain we've gotten recently. Moisture and wind forced a lot of bugs out of their homes and in a search for yours.

It's been beautiful in South Georgia the past couple of days but recent rainfall and gusty winds have ruined the natural habitats of many pests. Now, they're looking for a new home, and if you're not careful they could find home sweet home right in your own house.

David Reed of Adams Exterminators has been busy since recent hurricanes and Tropical storms brought Heavy winds and plenty of rain. "Between the wind and the rainfall, what has happened, it is making so many of the insects have to leave their natural habitat," said Adams Exterminators owner Jeff Sinyard.

American roaches are crawling from underneath the bark of trees and out of the pine straw in nearby flower beds. "The Argentine Ant does not handle moisture very well." So these ants along with roaches are searching for a pathway right into your house.

"Probably worst of all, particularly with the ladies, the mice," said Sinyard. Mice are in burrows that have filled with water so they're being forced out of their homes and into yours. "The most important thing you can do is to seal up the plumbing areas."

And for the ants and roaches. "Getting the stripping, the weather stripping under the doors. Most of the time, your American roaches and ants come through these areas." And into to your living space

"We get some pretty interesting and exciting phone calls from folks," said Sinyard.

Folks who can't control the weather, but could take better precautions to keep pests away. Another common path pests find into your home is through shrubbery that touches your house. Ants can travel from hundreds of feet away, straight through the joints of your driveway, onto your trees and plants and right into your house.

If you have an exterminator come to your house, you can expect to see a significant difference in about three days. Roaches can be gone in a about 24 hours.

Be sure to seal vents, and water and electrical pipes, and air conditioning units. Those are all common pathways for pests to enter your home.

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