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Mosquitoes are thriving in south Georgia

September 29, 2004

Albany-- Standing water makes for prefect breeding grounds for the pesky pests.

Tuesday, environmental control workers started treating large areas of standing water with pesticide to kill the mosquito larvae. The canal on Lakeridge Drive behind Lake Loretta is normally small, but this week's heavy rain turned the canal into a lake. And, the water is already filled with growing mosquitoes.

Dogs splash around the waters of this enlarged canal. Ryan Duffy, daughter Berklie, and his two dogs walk at the park every day.

"It's usually just a little canal down there, but this is a lake," he said. A lake filled with small mosquito larvae, but not for long. Environmental Control workers sprayed larvacide into the pool of standing water Wednesday.

"The mosquitos ingest it," said Environmental Control specialist Donell Mathis. "It kills them in the larva stage, so they don't grow into an adult."

And pesticides tablets were thrown into the water. The chemical deforms the mosquitoes and lasts 150 days. "They will hatch out, but they will have short life spans," Mathis said.

Duffy welcomed the workers to his dog's favorite play spot. "I didn't know what was going on, but now that I know, it makes me feel a lot better."

Environmental Control is also using trucks to spray for adult mosquitoes. So in a few days, you should see fewer mosquitoes around town.

If you have any standing water near your home, you can call Dougherty County Environmental Control. Workers will treat the water with pesticides to stop mosquitoes from breeding.

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