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The Little River is swelling with water

September 28, 2004

Not surprisingly, many creeks and lakes in South Georgia are spilling their banks because of all the rain we've had.

No serious flooding is expected anywhere and minor flooding could actually be beneficial.

There are some good things that come out of too much rain. Tony Boyon agrees, "Oh yeah, definitely!"

Boyon is reeling in the benefits. He says, "So far only one [fish].

And then a second slippery prize. Boyon adds while holding fish up, "Every time it floods out here, this is what you catch."

Big fish caught in the swollen Little River at Reed Bingham State Park. Boyon explains, "When the water gets up this high the fish come from upstream to the bubbling water."

In 12 hours the river went up eight feet at the Colquitt and Cook County line. Park Manager, Paul Bradshaw, says, "All the water we got out here now is what fell in the immediate area and made it come up fast, but a lot of water fell upstream. This river goes all the way up past Tifton."

All that water is now on it's way down stream. Bradshaw explains, "We're not done with the high waters just yet, it will probably take several days before it will go back down."

The fisherman has helpers because his kids have been out of school for two days because of Tropical Storm Jeanne. Boyon adds, "No school means go do something."

There's nothing this park can do to keep the Little River from getting bigger. As of Tuesday afternoon, the second wave of excess water already started flowing in.

The Little River starts in Turner County and flows down to Lowndes County.

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