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Street Department shifts into overdrive

September 28, 2004

Albany-- Four back to back hurricanes are forcing Albany work crews to work long days. It could take up to three weeks for public works crews to clean up the streets and pick-up your yard debris.

"I started this day at about 7:30 this morning," said Street Division worker John Reid.

Tropical Storm Jeanne left Albany yards and streets covered with leaves and limbs. Coincidentally, John Reid's street sweeping route began today with Jean Avenue in east Albany. "The wind blew a lot of leaves into the street, and there is just more to do today than on a regular work day."

On a regular work day, one driving sweep would pick up all the leaves but today, "Every street I've been on this morning, I've had to go by three times."

It's taking Reid repeated trips down each road to pick up the wet piles of debris. "It will probably takes us two or three weeks to get across the whole city."

Reid can usually cover 30 miles a day with his sweeper, but today he expects to finish half as much territory. "This has been an experience. I've never known this to happen. I've been in street division for 22 years."

Four storms in a just two months is more than city crews could ever be prepared for. But, Water, Gas and Light is also helping cleaning up Albany - one fallen tree at a time.

Customers started reporting power outages early Monday morning. About 5,000 WG&L customers lost power Tuesday, but by mid afternoon Monday, crews had restored power to all WG&L customers.

City Public Works urges you not to pile yard trimmings in the street. The debris will block storm drains and could cause street flooding.

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