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Atkinson deluged with half-foot of rain

September 28, 2004

Atkinson County - Tropical Storm Jeanne dumped more than 6 inches of rain on Atkinson County in less than 24 hours. That's causing flooding problems for some people who live there.

Ten-year-old Tyreek Hill is enjoying a day of swimming-- in his ditch. "I'm been diving, playing in the water," said Tyreek.

Damage from Tropical Storm Jeanne gave this student another day out of school, and its a good thing. He'd have to wade through a small lake to get there.

"I'm up to my knees right here," said Herman Hill. The Hill's mobile home is an island in the middle of this sea of flood water. "There's just no end to the water back here, water, water, water," said Hill.

It all happened in less than 24 hours. "We cut this grass Saturday evening and Sunday evening, it was full of water," said Hill.

The Hill's driveway is full of mud, but they can still get out of their home and onto the highway. As for their daughter's driveway, that's another story.

"They've got to put plastic bags on their legs and they wade water from they're house down there to my wife and my house," said Hill. The water hasn't reached either of the homes-- yet. "Thank God it quit raining," said Hill.

But just a little bit more rainfall could do the job. Hill wants to haul in dirt to protect the homes. "If there's someone digging a pond and wants to get rid of some dirt, please give us a call."

In the meantime, a little sunshine will help lower the water level and dry up Tyreek's temporary swimming pool.

This is the last day Tyreek will have to enjoy the water. Atkinson County schools will be back in session Wednesday.

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