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Davis not acting his age

Stanley "Bozo" Davis Stanley "Bozo" Davis

September 28, 2004

Douglas-- Stanley "Bozo" Davis has heard it all before. He's too old to be playing this game, it's time he ought to retire and start acting his age. "My family has been trying to get me to quit for thirty years," Davis said.

And for thirty years they've been unsuccessful. At 70 years of age, Bozo is in his prime. "If you think you're old, you're old. That's the way I look at it." Not only does he not think he's old, he doesn't act it either. "I do exercise every day, every day. And I dance every weekend. I'm the fastest thing on the dance floor," Bozo joked.

Of course there's nothing fast about his pitching. "They can't catch up with it. They say it's so slow they can't catch up with it," Purnell Smith said. But in the eleven times Bozo Davis has taken the mound this year, he's lost only once. "Any time you face him, you never know what he's throwing. He always keeps you off balance," Tony Young said.

And although he's 35 years older than the next oldest player on his team, Bozo is just one of the guys. "I love catching him because he'll listen. And he loves baseball, that's all he'll talk about. He'll call me and talk on the phone two or three hours about baseball," Gregg Barnes said.

"We love him, everybody loves him. Everybody who plays against him loves him. We just know when he comes out he's going to give it all he's got, he's going to give 100 percent," Smith added.

His secret is quite simple. "I've never took a drink, never smoked. I've never even drank a cup of coffee, no drugs," Davis said. And as long as he's healthy Bozo will be on that mound, frustrating opposing hitters and answering the rally cries of his teammates.

"I enjoy the game, I enjoy playing. But I've been thinking about quitting for a couple of years but they keep coming back and want me to play."

You see age is only a number to Bozo Davis, not a reason to retire.

"They know I'm a winner. Like I tell them, if I get to where I can't win that's when I'll quit. That's when I'll retire, when I can't win. But as long as I can win I don't worry about it," Bozo said.

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