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Thomas Co. assesses damage from Jeanne

September 27, 2004

Thomas County-- Before the brunt of Tropical Storm Jeanne even hit Thomas County. "The power was off and the house started rumbling and the doors started shaking," said Ashley Shrout.

What happened next,shook the family inside. "We ran outside to see what and the tree fell." At first glance, it appears the Shrout family is pretty lucky, and in fact, they are. The tree missed the house and all seven people inside, but the tree landed on not one, but two vehicles, totaling both.

But it could have been worse. "We were lucky. My mother-in-law was in there on the phone when it fell. And if it would have fell, it would have got her bedroom and half the house," said Storm Victim Patsey Weaver.

Speaking of luck, the family that was inside this house, is lucky to be alive, or maybe I should say it's a miracle they're alive. A massive pine tree uprooted and then fell on top of the house. It split two bedrooms in half, but all nine people inside escaped without serious injury.

"The wind had woke me up. That whirrrr had woke me up." The crashing of a tree would make certain Patsey Weaver would not go back to sleep. "The next thing I know it had hit."

One of the branches struck Patsey's granddaughter on the face. And even though her home of 20 years is gone. "You know what? I'm very happy, because we all together and alive. I thank God, I know we are blessed." Blessed because her family safely weathered this storm.

The Weavers' stayed with neighbors overnight.

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