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South Georgia happy to see Jeanne go

September 27, 2004

Undated-- South Georgians woke up to a tropical storm Monday, and now they're cleaning up the damage left by Jeanne. Governor Perdue is asking President Bush to speed up a major disaster declaration to help counties that have been hit by the storm-- most of those counties are in South Georgia.

Downed trees and power lines littered the landscape causing power outages and damage to some homes.

A lot of the trees that came down were healthy, and fell because the ground was already saturated by the three previous hurricanes that affected us.

The heavy rain caused flooding in Valdosta. About 50 homes there were evacuated because of all the water. Students got the day off in most school systems. < /STRONG> < /P> < P> < STRONG> Emergency evacuations in Lowndes County. Nearly 100 people had to leave theirhomes because of rising water.  Nearly nine thousand people in Lowndes County are still without electricity.

Imagine walking out of your house and finding a pond at your doorstep. That's what's surrounding Todd Shiver's home on Jennifer Circle.

The neighborhood pond is overflowing, now you can't tell the difference between yards, streets, and the pond. "You hear about it happening in Florida and everywhere else but you never think about it happening here," said Shiver.

At one point, about 3 feet of water covered the roads, giving the kids a wading pool to play in on their day out of school. Firefighters are stacking sandbags, hoping to keep the water from moving in on the homes. "It's receeding slowly, Tropical Storm Jeanne's giving us a break so hopefully we can stay ahead of it," said Ken Gallagher.

And many homes that escaped the flooding weren't spared from the high winds. This tree gave Josh Amiot a rude awakening in the middle of the night. "We heard a bunch of cracking and it just fell on top of the house," said Josh Amiot.

This area seems to be one of the hardest hit in Lowndes County, but it could have been much worse. They may be damaged, but these people still have their homes and most importantly, their health.

Lowndes County has gotten about 8 and a half inches of rain since yesterday afternoon.

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