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Emergency crews clean up during Jeanne

September 28, 2004

Albany --  Emergency crews stayed busy Monday because of Tropical Storm Jeanne's damage in South Georgia.

Workers went into the storm to keep your power on, make sure the roads are safe, and answer distress calls. Tropical Storm Jeanne's rains made a lot of work for emergency crews.

 Albany Firefighters check Albany Music and Pawn after their fire alarm goes off. Fire Engine Seven's crew determines this is a false alarm, but another call comes in. "You expecting a busy day?" Captain Matthew Jefferson said "I am, wires and maybe a couple of more false calls."

Albany Water Gas and Light cuts a limb off power lines in the alley behind East Broad Avenue at Dewey Street. The limb knocked power out to several businesses in the area.

From one emergency call to another, the crews race through heavy rain and soaked streets.

 Albany Street Maintenance cuts this huge oak tree at Gillionville and Baldwin. The oak's roots gave way in the heavy winds, smashing a pumping station. A nearby park has flooded because of the smashed pump. The crews have to cut the tree away to repair it. Albany Street Department supervisor Stacey Rowe said "It's been constant since about three o-clock this morning."

Meanwhile the wet ground causes this power pole at East Clark and Adkins Street to lean. While Water Gas and Light crews repair the low lines across the road, Fire Engine Seven's crew stands by in case of problem, and directs traffic. Stacey Rowe said "They keeping a good attitude with it. We're trying to stay with everything."

Soaking wet in the pouring rain, some of the people working to keep everyone safe in Tropical Storm Jeanne.

Water Gas and Light had all their crews working Monday morning. They had about 100 outages in Albany, with about 5-thousand people losing power for some period of the morning.

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