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Georgia Power stages hundreds in S. Georgia

September 27, 2004

Tift County- Power crews have taken over the American Legion Fairgrounds in Tift County.

"Probably about 300 with Georgia in here, about 100 from Alabama Power that's here, and I believe we have close to 166 various contractors," says Elaine Ross of Georgia Power.

Hundreds of line trucks, bucket trucks, and their operators began rolling in Sunday morning, but Charley, Frances, Ivan and now Jeanne have kept them living and eating on the road for weeks.

Jerry Sheets hasn't been home in almost four weeks. Sheets has been laying lines for Red Simpson Incorporated in South Texas for 11 years. He's never experienced anything like the back-to-back hurricanes that have battered Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

"You see the hurt in people's eyes and they get discouraged because it just seems like one right after another one, and that's what kind of hurts you inside because there's only so much you can do for the people," he says.

Chuck Darsey spent almost ten hours in the fierce winds and heavy rains filling up more than 200 of their tanks with gas.

"I know no one's going to think about it when they're electricity gets turned back on, but I'll know I had something to do with it," Darsey says.

Over the past three weeks these trucks have seen a lot of miles and they're going to need every drop of gas they can get because with all of the wind and rain Jeanne is dumping on South Georgia they're sure to be back on the road once again.

Most of the power crews came straight to South Georgia from Alabama or Florida. After they finish here, some of the linemen will head home while others will head back to Florida.

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