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Thomasville works through night after storm blast

September 27, 2004

Thomas County-- Fallen trees damaged homes and cars, but the people affected say they are lucky to be alive. Folks at the Emergency operations center in Thomasville have been working all through the night, and all morning long, trying to make sure residents here are safe, trees are out of the road and power is restored.

While we were there today, they had breakfast delivered, but were too busy to stop and eat it. Standing water in the streets and downed trees and power lines can be seen throughout Thomas County.

Trees in yards, trees on cars, and trees on houses. The couple who lived in one home, had been there for about 20 years, but they consider themselves lucky, because all nine people inside, came out alive. 

 "Looking at this house you would think nobody came out alive, but we all did,"  said Storm Victim Patsey Weaver. "Everybody come crawling out, Thank God! Everybody come crawling out!

 And of course, we are all thankful that there were no serious injuries from that fallen tree. As a matter of fact, there have been no injuries reported at all today from the Tropical Storm Jeanne here in Thomas County, and here on Broad street, it pretty much looks like business as usual is taking place, cars are parked in front of the buildings and everyone looks like they are starting off their work week, on this manic Monday.

Thomas County Emergency officials are assessing the damage caused by Tropical Storm Jeanne. We should have an estimate on damages later tonight.

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