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Albany emerges into daylight with substantial debris

September 27, 2004

Albany-- During the early morning hours, trees were uprooted, limbs broke and power flickered throughout south Georgia. Tropical Storm Jeanne has made a lot of work for power crews.

Workers at Memories In Minutes on Dawson Road showed up for a Monday morning shift only to find their sign on the ground. Interestingly enough, the owner, Art Johnson, saw the sign after dropping off rolls of film from a customer of his, an insurance company.

On the rolls, pictures of damage from Hurricane Ivan. "I came by to drop off some stuff here at the drop box, coming back from the Albany prayer service we do every morning and noticed the sign down," Johnson said. "Came out here to take some pictures of it to get ready for the insurance, you know. I guess he will develop his own pictures for his insurance company."

In case you weren't awake at three this morning, this is what you missed in Albany. Flags hanging on and riding out 40 mile per hour winds. Street signs and signals dancing. Trees also fell across roads, causing major obstacles for drivers.

Like many of the emergency crews, we were happy to see daylight. It was difficult driving in the dark. Now, you can see the debris and downed power lines.

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