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Families bury Albany Police Officer and Son

September 25, 2004

Albany -- Funeral services for an Albany Police officer and his son were held today. During an argument on Tuesday, Corporal Andrew Hayslip fatally shot his 4 year old son Austin and then turned the gun on himself.

One by one the most prized possessions of Austin Hayslip are passed into a Hearse. Toys of a bright eyed, little boy who died by the same gun his Father, Corporal Andrew Hayslip would use to take his own life.

"That's little fellow used to get out of that jeep and run through that fire station it would take four people to keep him from tearing up our fire station that was how busy he was," remembers Albert Hayslip, Austin's Uncle.

For Albert Hayslip Albany Fire Fighter it will be especially an especially painful day because he will bury his nephew and his brother.

"What he did I can not condone that and I hate that it happen that way. Right now both families we are both suffering two great losses," says Hayslip.

Loss that could also felt by the hundreds of family, friends and fellow officers attending Corpel Hayslip's funeral in Lee County. Many are still dealing with the shock of how he died.

"It just seems totally out of character and I know none of will actually able to know what happen," says Alice Carter a friend of the Hayslip Family.

For dozens of law enforcement officers that attended the ceremony tied to it was the pain of burying one of their own.

"We had been in investigations for 19 years. It's hard when you lose a fallen officer," says Lt. James Williams of the Albany Police Department.

Now two separate families are dealing with the losses that so painfully tie them together.

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