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Soldier returns from battle, dies in motorcycle accident

September 24, 2004

A south Georgia soldier dies in a motorcycle accident. The 1148th Transportation soldier came back to the United States only two months ago.

Sergeant Eddie Jackson recently spent a year in Iraq and Kuwait for America. He was also a firefighter and an EMT.

A father of two, a soldier, a friend. Specialist Monica Lashley says, "He was a great guy, very kind hearted."

His comrade, Lashley, remembers, "He was a hard worker and you have some people who are followers and some who are leaders and he was definitely a strong leader."

The 35-year-old leader didn't die in combat, he died Thursday in Gadsden County, Florida, near Havana. A suspected drunk driver drove in front of Jackson who was on a motorcycle. Lashley smiles, "Three things he talked about, his wife, his children and his motorcycle, he loved to ride his motorcycle."

Jackson died doing what he loved, he died leaving his fire fighting job in Tallahassee and was heading home to his wife and kids in Bainbridge. Lashley adds, "It just hurts my heart."

But recently the 1148th Transportation Company was far from sad. They had a happy homecoming only two months ago. Lashley says, "We survived Iraq and Kuwait and to come home not only two months and this happens."

Lashley never met Jackson's family, but she has a message for them, "I want to tell his wife, Pam, and his children that the 1148th, we care and we love y'all and we feel what you're feeling too and we love y'all."

Jackson's fatal crash was only 20 miles from his home. He will be buried Saturday, October 2nd.

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