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Child homicides on the rise

September 24, 2004

Albany- Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards says statistics show that more fathers than mothers kill their children.

According to the FBI, 440 kids were killed by their parents in 2002, compared to just 115 in 1997.

"From just observations I would say that most of the events involving violence where we have cruelty to a child do center around there being a dispute between a father and a mother, sometimes over custody, sometimes over divorce," says Edwards.

Other than four year old Austin Hayslip, who was shot to death by his father, Andrew Hayslip, Tuesday, the last Dougherty County case where a parent killed one of their children happened in 1999.

That's when Cornelius Terry shot his wife and 2 year old daughter to death. Terry was killed in an exchange of gun fire with police before he could commit suicide.

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