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Marathon man has sick child in mind

September 24, 2004

Tifton- A Tifton Man is working toward a major accomplishment. He's training to run the New York Marathon, but there's a much bigger goal that keeps him going. He's hoping every stride will help save the life a very sick boy.

Every stride, Every breath, is filled with determination. "Something Sparked in me to maybe try and begin training for a marathon," said Marathon Runner Mark Holloway.

Holloway has been training for the New York Marathon coming up in November since March, but since then his goal has become much deeper. "I felt like God had told me to run for a little boy named Tadas Mickaloscus."

Tadas lives in Lithuania and is nine years old. He has whiskot-aldritch, a very rare disease that only shows up in little boys. "He's the only boy with that disease in the entire country."

The only boy who's body rejects his own skin after two unsuccessful bone-marrow transplants. "His mother has to peel his socks off and with that comes the skin off his foot."

"When I saw the pictures of Tadas, and he's my son's age. That really got to me." So he decided to raise money through running to help cure the sick boy.

"He still struggles and he's in a lot of pain," and when Holloway starts to feel pain. "I just pray and think about Tadas, Wonder what kind of day he's having."

And hoping he can raise enough money for Tadas's medical bills so he'll soon be living a healthy life. Holloway's financial goal for Tadas is $80,000.

To help, call the New Covenant Church at 229-387-7770.

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