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APD releases shooting info

Austin Hayslip Austin Hayslip
Cpl. Andrew Hayslip Cpl. Andrew Hayslip

September 24, 2004

Albany-- The Albany Police are releasing some facts about Tuesday's murder suicide by an Albany Police officer, because they say they are concerned by rumors in the community.

Police report there is no videotape of Corporal Andrew Hayslip shooting his wife, and killing their four year old son and himself. There have been unconfirmed reports of a videotape of Tuesday's shooting outside the Dougherty County Extended Day Center. Rumors have floated that Corporal Andrew Hayslip's Police car camera recorded the entire incident.

Albany Police today report the camera was turned on 10 minutes after the shooting. APD Major Karen Majors said, "When the officers removed his gunbelt, somebody accidentally turned the video camera on. So the video that was on there was actually shows the officers trying to resuscitate Officer Hayslip at the scene."

Albany Traffic officers wear a remote control switch for their car cameras on their belt.

Majors confirmed again that four year old Austin Hayslip was shot in the chest, not in the back as many witnesses at the scene reported. Majors said what witnesses report has to be examined. "We dispelled the rumor about where the child was shot, we dispelled the rumor about the incident being on tape, we're trying to do our best."

The GBI investigation into the murder suicide continues, and Albany Police say they will release the results of that investigation as soon as possible. 

Only two shell casings from Officer Hayslip's gun were found at the shooting scene.

The woman shot by Corporal Hayslip, LaDonna Wilkerson, was released from the hospital Thursday night. Friends at her home said Wilkerson would not speak to the media.

The funerals for Corporal Hayslip and his son will be held Saturday

Four year old Austin Hayslip's funeral will be Saturday at 11:00AM at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. He will be buried Sunday in Ocala.

Corporal Andrew Hayslip's funeral will be at 2:30PM at the Mt. Hope Baptist Church in Lee County. Hayslip will be buried in the church cemetery. Albany Police will not conduct an honor guard at Officer Hayslip's funeral, but several officers will wear their uniforms.

The Albany Fire Department honor guard has been asked to attend Hayslip's funeral. Hayslip was a firefighter in Albany in 1987, before transferring to the Police Department.

"We are there for just a presence," said Assistant Fire Chief JamesCarswell. "In some funerals they will go through as honor guard, and a ceremony where they fold the flag. But in this case we are just going to be back there in case we are needed."

Several Albany Police officers have worn black ribbons on their badges this week to honor Corporal Hayslip, but it was voluntary.

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